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Check these amazing Vastu tips which will convert your married life into bliss

India TV News Desk 09 Jun 2015, 16:55:42 IST
India TV News Desk

It is always said that couples are made in heaven and we just perform rituals to bring them together. Yet we see couples getting separated or even divorced.

Though couples have their own reasons to separate or divorce but there are several things that one can do to stay united and make marriage a blissful experience of life. Apart from trusting each other and respecting each-other's space and thinking, one can do several other things to bring happiness in married life.

Vastu offers various such tips which can remove friction from a couple's life and make their relationship smooth and everlasting.

Just a few changes in placement of objects in your room or changing the direction of your room can affect the marital life to a great extent. The ancient art actually works by redirecting energies.

Here we bring to you certain vastu tips to enhance love and prosperity in your married life -

1. The bedroom should be in south-west or north-west direction only. South-west is more preferable as it boosts love and understanding between the couple.

2. If changing the direction of room is not possible, atleast place the bed in southwest direction. This helps in relieving mental stress.

3. Don't place the bed under a beam as it may cause bad effects on health.

4. The couple should always keep their heads towards south.

5. Wife should always take the left side of the bed and the husband should sleep on the right side.

6. It is highly recommended that couples should use wooden beds and not metal beds in bedroom as wood absorbs negative energies.

7. Prefer using light colours for the bedroom like rose-pink, light blue, green etc and make sure the room is not cluttered. This brings consistency in flow of energy. A cluttered room, on the other hand, obstructs flow of energy causing more fights and differences then love and trust.

8. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom as it leads to misunderstanding. If there is a mirror in the room, make sure it is not facing the bed. It is advisable to keep the mirror covered during night.

9. The couple should have their photo on the wall right in front of the bed. Avoid using paintings that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life.

10. Place crystals in room near you, like rose quartz gives peace, tranquility and understanding in married life.