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WhatsApp addiction: Husband drags wife to police station

India TV News Desk August 07, 2014 9:59 IST
India TV News Desk
Indore: At a time when instant messaging services like WhatsApp and others contribute in rapid change in the level of communication, sometime they also become reasons for spoiling relationships.

The craze of WhatsApp was so high in Indore that a husband decided to take his wife to a police station, just because for not heeding him. The man, in a written complaint, alleged that his wife is having bad addiction to the WhatsApp instant messaging application.

According to a female constable, Vijay Nagar resident Mayor Sahu, a software engineer by profession, said that his wife, Payal, has no time for him as her world is limited to WhatsApp messaging service.

“When I return from office, she even doesn't bother to give me a glass of water. She remains busy with her phone,” Mayur said in his written complaint.

He also said that Payal don't come out of her room and engage herself with household works.

“Whenever I talk to her, she is busy with her mobile phone and WhatsApp. She is not concerned about the breakfast, lunch or dinner,” he alleged. Mayur and Payal got married last year.

Police said that when Payal was called for interrogation, she accused Mayur of harassing her mentally and also filed a written complaint against her husband.

Mayur's monthly salary is around Rs 60,000, police said.

Meanwhile, the counselor, after listening their concerns, suggested Mauyur and Payal to end their tussle and live together happily.