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VIDEO: Delhiwalas claim to have spotted 'White Saree Ghost' on Delhi roads!

India TV News Desk 25 Nov 2014, 11:24:07 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Imagine yourself on a lone road at the stroke of midnight and suddenly out of nowhere a woman dressed up in white saree appears in front of you!

Yup you just heard your heart-skipping a beat! Isn't it hell scary?

Lately, Delhiwallas have been suffering through this horrific trauma, where they end up coming face-to-face with 'White Saree Ghost'. Incidents of citing a woman clad in white saree on Noida and Delhi roads has made the local police gone crazy!

People who unfortunately claim to have come across her, describe her as walking dead on road.

Many people saw her and run away screaming to save their lives.

Before you get more scared let us tell you that it is a prank planned by team of PrankBazz. It is amazing to see how people, in modern times also, are scared from a sight of the ghost.

Have fun...!