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Why campaign on sexual offences in English language: Delhi High Court

IANS 15 Nov 2014, 6:18:47 AM IST

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Friday slammed the city government on its move to run the campaign mostly in "English language" to educate the common masses on sexual offences and the stringent punishments it invites.

A division bench of Justice Kailash Gambhir and Justice Sunita Gupta asked that when most of such offenders are illiterate people what government will achieve by publicising its programmes in English language on the issue.

The court noted that advertisements by the government to create awareness were in English, which the "targeted section" cannot read or understand.

"Most of these publicity materials are in English language, while in majority of such cases the offender and the victim are illiterate and belongs to lower strata of the society," the bench said.

The bench reminded the government that the publicity material was "not meant for bureaucrats" and the "medium of the message should be in Hindi" with which the targeted section are familiar.

The campaign was meant to be a part of the larger scheme of the government to sensitize people especially, women and children about the nature of sexual offences and the stringent punishments provided against such offences, through publicity and mass awareness programmes.

During the hearing court also said that not having toilets in houses is serious problem and court can't shut its eyes on the issue.

The court now asked the city government to file detailed affidavit on the issue.