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Will Expose NDA's Corruption, Says Kapil Sibal

PTI 15 Dec 2010, 21:49:46 IST
New Delhi: Refusing to be defensive on the second generation mobile telephony spectrum scam, telecom minister Kapil Sibal today hit back at BJP for raking up the issue, alleging that "irregularities" had taken place during the Vajpayee government and these would be exposed within weeks.

"I wish to ask (BJP leader LK ) Advaniji, when was the (spectrum) policy made, in 1999 when they were running a caretaker government," Sibal said on the sidelines of a function in New Delhi referring to Advani's attack yesterday on the government over the 2G mobile spectrum scam.

Hitting back at BJP, Sibal said, "Irregularities took place at that time (in 1999). Just wait till we expose those in a few weeks."

Terming as 'political' the opposition's demand for a JPC probe, the minister said, "Parliament is there to debate and if opposition says we will not debate, is it fare?"

He attacked Advani for saying that Congress does not have any argument on the 2G mobile spectrum scam. "I would like to ask Advaniji how come you know Congress has no argument without having a debate in Parliament."

Sibal also targeted the media for highlighting only the scams and not reporting the "good things" done by his ministry.

"Ask them (media) how many have mobile. There are 70 crore mobile phones in the country. This is not a small thing. Call rate is on 30 paise or 50 paise per minute. Not a single country where the call tariff is as low," he said.

"In 2001, teledensity was 3%. In 2005 it was 9% and today 61%. This achievements are not smaller in any way but these good things are not reported by media. This is the achievements of UPA Government. Even a farmer can use a mobile today," he said.

When asked about his being upset with media, he said, "I am happy with media. Whatever scams you show, it is good, if there is any and is being probed by CBI. One-man committee is also probing. But you should also show, the good things which happened in telecom sector," he said. PTI