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Yoga Day event draws large number of Muslims at Rajpath

PTI 21 Jun 2015, 17:51:37 PM IST

New Delhi: The month of Ramzan could not deter people of the Muslim community from participating in the International Yoga Day today as they performed the ancient practise at Rajpath in large numbers.  

“I did not feel any difficulty in doing Yoga even as I am observing fast. It is a method to stay fit and healthy,” said Farhad Qureshi.

Some Muslim groups had earlier opposed to performing ‘surya namashkar' and reciting sanskrit ‘slokas' after which the government had clarified that it was not compulsory for them to say ‘slokas' nor was ‘surya namashkar' part of the common Yoga protocol for the day.  

“It was an amazing experience. We felt proud to be part of a national event that focused on the holistic well-being of humans. People have attached unnecessary myths to the practice,” Mohammad Qasmi.

Earlier, a Muslim group had launched a booklet to remove misconception among the community and to draw parallels between some Yoga exercises and Namaz.