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‘Didn’t violate nuclear deal or UNSC resolution’, Iran on new missile test

India TV News Desk Tehran 01 Feb 2017, 18:25:43 IST
India TV News Desk

Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan today confirmed that his country had recently tested a new missile but it did not violate the country's deal on its nuclear programme or the United Nations Security Council's resolution.

"The recent test was in line with our plans and we will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defence affairs," he said.

The reaction comes a day after the UN Security Council met to discuss Sunday’s test, which Washington described as ‘absolutely unacceptable’.

"The action was in line with boosting Iran's defence power and is not in contradiction with the JCPOA (the nuclear deal) or Resolution 2231," the Minister said.

"We have previously announced that we will execute the programmes we have planned in production of defence equipment meant for our national interests and objectives. Nobody can influence our decision. We will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defence affairs," he added.

The Minister said this while referring to a UN Security Council resolution that bans Iran from developing missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

As per media reports, Iran had on Sunday conducted ballistic missile test that violates a UN resolution. The missile was launched at a test site outside Semnan, about 140 miles east of the capital of Tehran.

According to reports, the Khorramshahr medium-range missile flew about 600 miles before exploding in what was called a failed test of a re-entry vehicle.

UN resolution 2231 — enacted days after the international Iranian nuclear deal was signed — instructs the Islamic Republic not to conduct such tests. The resolution bans Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years starting July 20, 2015. But it’s the country’s second such test since July and first after the Trump Administration assumed the charge.