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Heart wrenching: Father takes two-year-old daughter to future grave to ‘prepare her for death’

India TV News Desk Beijing 27 Jun 2017, 19:17:58 IST
India TV News Desk

No father should bury his child, they say. But what can a father do when the death is certain? A father in China has done the unthinkable and his story is heart-wrenching. Zhang Liyong, a farmer by profession, has dug a grave for his toddler daughter, diagnosed with a disease bound to take her away, in his attempt to ‘prepare her for death’. In what would melt anyone’s heart, Liyong, a resident of China’s Sichuan province, brings his two-year-old daughter to her future burial place to “familiarise her with her final resting place.’

Having spent his entire life savings on the treatment of his first child Zhang Xinlei, who was born with a serious blood disorder, the father is now making her familiar with the place so that she does not feel scared at the new place.  ​Xinlei has been suffering from thalassemia ever since she was two months old. The family has spent around Rs 10 lakh for the treatment of the child and can no longer afford her treatment any further. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder, which doesn’t allow sufficient production of haemoglobin, impacting oxygen supply in the body. 

'We borrowed money from many, but they are no longer willing to lend us more. I could only come up with this idea - bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day,'' Zhang told Daily Mail.

The parents even thought of having another child to use the umbilical cord blood of the newborn to save their daughter. But soon, the parents who are now expecting another child, realised that they will not be able to afford the transplant.The hapless parents gave up the idea of treatment and have instead decided to prepare the child for what is imminent. The poor parents think that their daily visits and playing around the grave will make Zhang Xinlei feel comfortable with her final ‘home” and she would not be fearful when the moment arrives.