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Hijab-clad woman allegedly harassed, abused publically at coffee shop in US

India TV News Desk Washington 01 Feb 2017, 18:22:29 PM IST
India TV News Desk

President Donald Trump’s order to ban Muslims from seven Islamic nations has triggered mass confusion and chaos worldwide. The latest in a slew of incidents in which immigrants have been targeted following last week’s order, a hijab-clad woman in the US was allegedly harassed and abused at a cafe by a man who asked her ‘do you have a green card?’.

The victim, a young Muslim-American woman, has claimed that the she was harassed and called a b***h by a man at a coffee shop in Atlanta. He even took photos of her. 

"I was just literally on my computer, minding my business, and I look up and see a guy with a camera pointing at me," 39-year-old Asma Elhuni said. 

Elhuni, an American citizen who is a Georgia State University political science graduate student and a legislative intern for State Representative Brenda Lopez, said at first she tried to ignore the man who allegedly began photographing her with his phone.

"I'm like, are you taking a picture of me? And he goes: 'Yeah.' Just like that! And so I was like: 'OK, 'll take a picture of you.' And he smiled, and I was like, OK, I'm going to videotape him now," Elhuni said.

As shown in the clip, Elhuni calmly asked the man, “why he is taking pictures of her”. The man sat down close to Elhuni, claimed he was taking pictures of the man behind her, and accused her of being ‘uptight’ and ‘acting like a b***h’.

He then asked ‘do you have a green card?’, before another man who appears to be his friend usherd him away.

Elhuni posted the video on her Facebook page and it has since gone viral, with more than 90,000 views.

"Really what I wanted to show him was, one, what he did was inappropriate, and two, I'm not afraid of you. Because did you see how he sat down and got in my face? I knew my weapon was my camera," she said.

At the coffee shop, several patrons and employees who witnessed the event firsthand quickly rallied around Elhuni, sitting down next to her, hugging her and buying her tea.

The incident comes close on the heels of Trump's executive order banning all entry into the US of nationals from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Libya, where Elhuni is originally from.