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Humans lived with ‘Siberian Unicorn’, claims American science journal

India TV News Desk 02 Apr 2016, 21:03:46 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: A long-extinct animal similar to the long-horned rhinoceros may have lived with human beings on our planet 29,000 years ago, researchers claimed after finding a skull in Kazakhstan.

According to the American Journal of Applied Science, the extinct species which has been termed as the “Siberian Unicorn”, lived on earth much longer than the scientists previously thought.

The latest study reveals that the habitat extended from the Don River in Russia to the east of modern Kazakhstan.

The “Siberian Unicorn”, which looked more like a rhinoceros, was about 6 feet tall, 15 feet long, and weighed about 9,000 pounds, making it a giant animal.

Researchers are now engaged in a study on this species to have an insight into its survival over many of its kind.