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If I become president, China will have to toe the line: Hillary Clinton

India TV News Desk 07 Apr 2016, 14:09:59 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi:  Democrat Presidential hopeful Hillary clinton on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on China warning the Asian giant must "toe the line" if she becomes president.

In a stem-winding speech to the AFL-CIO union convention in Philadelphia, Clinton said,"China illegally dumps cheap products in our markets, steals our trade secrets, plays games with their currency, gives unfair advantages to state-owned-enterprises and discriminates against American companies."
We will throw the book at China for their illegal actions."

Vowing to get tough with China if she becomes president, Clinton said “I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Chinese leaders on some of the toughest issues we’ve faced … I know how they operate,” she said during a campaign speech in Pennsylvania. “And they know that if I’m their president, they’re going to have to toe the line.”

Clinton's remarks were among her most forceful campaign trail comments about Beijing.

At one point she refered to China as "the biggest abuser of global trade."

Clinton defeated Barack Obama in Pennsylvania in their 2008 primary battle, thanks to support from union Democrats, and she aims to repeat her victory in three weeks' time.