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In new video, ISIS threatens to target Miss Universe contest in Philippines

India TV News Desk philippines 10 Aug 2016, 13:28:50 PM IST
India TV News Desk

In its recent tutorial video that shows prospective martyrs making a suicide vest, the world’s most dreaded terror organization Islamic State has threatened to attack the Miss Universe pageant 2017, which is scheduled to be held in Philippines.

According to a Fox News report, a video footage posted on the encrypted app Telegram calls upon IS Phillipines Supporters to launch attacks at the Miss Universe event. 

Moreover, the video, which can also be downloaded, shows how one can make his own suicide belt and also explains a 49-page guide in English on how to manufacture explosives. 

Addressing ‘brothers who love martyrdome’, a jihadi urged supporters to target the blood of foreigners who se nations have come together in the war against ISIS. 

The Miss Universe pageant is scheduled for January 2017 in Philippines, where the contest was last held in 1994. 

For the past few years, ISIS leaders have been encouraging supporters to launch attacks in their own countries if they cannot travel to Syria and Iraq and join the caliphate. 

Meanwhile, several Indonesian groups have shown interest in joining ISIS amid recent attacks. The footage in which natives of Philippines can be seen issuing their support to ISIS has grown tensions in South-East Asia.