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India denies visa to Chinese dissident Lu Jinguh, activist Ra Wong

India TV News Desk April 28, 2016 19:33 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Close on the heels of having cancelled the visa of Chinese dissident Dolkun Isa, India has denied visas to another Chinese dissident Lu Jinguh and activist Ra Wong. The two were scheduled to come to India to attend a conference in Dharamshala on democracy and China.

Contrary to reports stating that the visas had been withdrawn by India on the last moment, the government today issued a clarification saying the visas were never issued; so there was no case of withdrawing them.

"As fas as Lu Jinghua's visa is concerned, her documents were illegible and there was inconsistency with the purpose of her visit. Insofar as Ray Wong is concerned, there was data inconsistency in his documents. As such visas were not issued to both these individuals so question of revocation does not arise," a government source said here.

Lu is a well-known Tiananmen activist, while Ra is a Hong Kong-based activist.

According to reports, Lu claimed that she was told that her visa was cancelled and was stopped from boarding an Air India flight from New York. She also claimed that she had received an email confirmation for an electronic visa.

Earlier this week, the visa to Isa, a leader of World Uyghur Congress (WUC) who lives in Germany and had been invited for the conference this week being organised by US-based 'Initiatives for China', was cancelled.

The Indian action was seen by many as buckling under Chinese pressure.

(With PTI inputs)