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Iran says it has killed mastermind of twin Tehran attacks

India TV News Desk Tehran 11 Jun 2017, 15:14:07 IST
India TV News Desk

Iran on Sunday said that it has killed the alleged mastermind of twin attacks last week claimed by the Islamic State group. The official IRNA news agency today quoted Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi as saying that the suspect left Iran for a neighbouring country following the attacks but "was sent to hell" by Iranian intelligence agents and " fellow intelligence services."

Alavi did not provide further details or offer any evidence. 

Five attackers stormed Iran's parliament and a shrine to revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, setting off clashes with security forces and killing at least 17 people. 

Iran said the attackers, who were all killed, had fought for the IS group in Syria and neighbouring Iraq. It said dozens of people have been detained. 

Iranian leaders have accused the United States and Saudi Arabia of supporting the attacks. The country's Supreme Leader said the attacks will add to the hatred that Iranians harbor toward the US and Saudi Arabia. 

(With AP inputs)