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Iran will never be able to build nuclear weapon: Trump

India TV News Desk Washington 16 Feb 2017, 12:39:01 IST
India TV News Desk

Terming the nuclear deal with Iran as the worst agreement ever, US President Donald Trump has assured visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Tehran will never be able to build a nuclear weapon.

Addressing a joint press conference with Netanyahu at the White House last night, Trump said that the security challenges faced by Israel are enormous, including the threat of Iran's nuclear ambitions. 

The US President said that his administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and he will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing a nuclear weapon. 

He said that the American security assistance to Israel is currently at an all-time high to ensure that the Jewish state has the ability to defend itself from many threats.

“The US and Israel have a long history of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the fight against those who do not value human life. America and Israel are two nations that cherish the value of all human life,” he said.

O the other hand, Netanyahu applauded Trump for his strong stand on Iran and radical Islamic terrorism. He said their alliance is based on a deep bond of common values and common interests and those values and interests are under attack by radical Islamic terror.