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Not a single country questioned India's surgical strikes, says PM Modi

India TV News Desk Washington 26 Jun 2017, 1:28:36 IST
India TV News Desk

After a brief stop in Lisbon, Portugal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in United States in the second leg of his three-nation tour.

Addressing the Indian diaspora in Washington DC's suburb of Virginia, Modi highlighted the achievements of his government. “The reasons governments have been defeated in India are things like corruption and cheating. People of India do not like corruption. There has not been a single stain of corruption on my government in last 3 years,” he said.

On terrorism, he said that ‘when India was raising the issue of terrorism, many nations were calling it a law and order problem’. 

“However, terrorists have explained terrorism to them, so we don't have to. Today, the world is troubled by terrorism. This terrorism is an enemy of mankind,” he said.

On surgical strikes, he said, “When India did surgical strikes the world experienced our power and realized that India practices restrain but can show power when needed. No country questioned India's decision to conduct surgical strikes against terrorism.”

Earlier in the day, Modi today said that India has now emerged as a business-friendly destination and asked CEOs of top US companies to invest in the country. 

Modi also said India attracted largest foreign direct investment (FDI) as a result of the NDA government policies in the last three years, during his interaction with a group of CEOs of top 20 American firms.


* The Indian diaspora has faith that in times of trouble the local embassy is there to help: PM Modi

* Keep the bridge with India. Your younger generations must continue your strong bond with India: PM Modi to the Indian diaspora in USA

* Not a single country questioned India's surgical strikes, says PM Modi

* When we (India) conducted the surgical strikes, it gave out a clear message that we are patient but when the time comes, we can prove our might: PM Modi

* India has succeeded in telling the world about the need to uproot the menace of terrorism: PM Narendra Modi 

* When India talked of terrorism 20 years back, many in the world said its a law & order problem and didn't understand it. Now terrorists have explained terrorism to them so we don't have to: PM Modi

* With proper policies and governance, aspirations of people of India can become achievements. We are already seeing the results of this: PM Modi

* Through technology driven governance we are creating an 'Adhunik Bharat' : PM Narendra Modi

* Transparent policies create an environment of trust among the people: PM 

* When I think of a developed India, I think of a healthy India, particularly the good health of the women and children of our nation: PM Modi

Today, I bow my head and say with all modesty that there has been no black spot in the govt's work in the past three years: PM Modi


* The reasons governments have been defeated in India are things like corruption and cheating. People of India do not like corruption: Modi

* You found a favourable environment in the USA which enabled you to grow. And as you grew, so did the USA: PM Modi

* I can see that every Indian wants to contribute towards India's development. India is progressing at a record pace today: Modi

* About the Indian diaspora, I can say that they rejoice when there is good news from India & want India to scale newer heights: PM Modi

* In this programme I see both a mini-India and a mini-USA. People from all the states of both the nations are represented here today: PM

* My address at Madison Square has became an introduction of myself. Whenever I meet foreign leaders, they talk about it: PM 

* I have travelled across USA before I became a CM or PM. And after taking over as PM, the warmth the Indian community gave is memorable: PM

* I see immense energy in the Indian community that is based in USA: PM Modi

* When I meet you all I experience the kind of joy one feels while meeting his/her family. You fill me with new energy: PM Modi