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'Make public administration more resilient against corruption'

Reported by: PTI Hamburg (Germany) 08 Jul 2017, 23:37:31 IST

India and other G20 members today made a strong commitment to fight corruption, including in public administration, by putting in place necessary institutional frameworks in their respective countries.

The leaders today adopted 'G20 High Level Principles on Organising Against Corruption', which noted that corruption hampers the efficient and effective operation of government, as well as its fairness and impartiality of decision-making and the delivery of government services.

"A public administration, resilient against corruption, underpinned by a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency not only fosters citizens' trust but can also affect the attractiveness of a country as a business location," it added.

The G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2017-2018 identifies public sector integrity and transparency including organising against corruption (such as structuring the public administration to detect and minimise corruption risks) as a priority.

Fighting corruption in public administration should not only focus on measures targeting individual employees, responses to reporting of corruption and effective law enforcement. It should also build upon a comprehensive, transparent and accountable organisational structure that makes public administration more resilient against corruption, it said.

G20 countries have already committed themselves to a number of measures to strengthen transparency and integrity in the public sector, including requirements for the conduct of public officials.

However, corruption prevention measures with regard to the organisational structure and work flow management are also essential for the fight against corruption, the leaders said.