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NASA makes its scientific research available online for free

India TV News Desk Washington August 23, 2016 12:10 IST
India TV News Desk

Keeping track of discoveries of new planets, stars or even galaxies is now set to get easier than ever. The U.S space agency NASA has said that it will soon make all of its publicly funded research available online via a new public access web portal. 

So if you wish to keep yourself abreast with all the galactic happenings, all you will need to do is hop on to NASA’s brand new portal named PubSpace, where all published research can be accessed at zero cost.

According to reports, the development follows past directives to NASA and other agencies by the Barack Obama Administration to increase access to their research, which was typically hidden behind a paywall.

As per the fresh plans, NASA will now posting all research articles funded by it on Pubspace within a year of their publication.

However, there are some exemptions. Not all of the research by NASA will be available for viewing. NASA's research related to national security is exempted from this rule. 

Till now, there are 850 articles available on PubSpace and this number will increase in time.

“Making our research data easier to access will greatly magnify the impact of our research,” NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan said in a statement. “As scientists and engineers, we work by building upon a foundation laid by others.”