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‘No way’ we will pay for US border wall, says Mexico

India TV News Desk New Delhi 11 Jan 2017, 12:51:32 IST
India TV News Desk

The newly appointed Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray has made it clear that there is no question of his country paying for a massive US border wall that US President-elect Donald Trump has demanded. 

"The United States has the right to protect its borders. What is inadmissible, and which would deeply violate the dignity of all Mexicans, is to expect Mexico to pay for infrastructure of the United States," Luis Videgaray told Radio Formula in an interview.

"There is no way that this will happen," he added.

Luis Videgaray asserted that Mexico "will not cede" on issues related to "national sovereignty."

During US presidential campaign, Donald Trump had called Mexican migrants "rapists" and drug dealers and vowed to make their country pay for a massive wall across the border.

According to US media reports, Trump’s transition team and Republicans in Congress are considering a plan to fund the wall in April.

However, Trump has tweeted that Mexico would end up paying for it later.

He has threatened to fund the wall by tapping into the billions of dollars in remittances that Mexican migrants send back home.

Responding to Trump’s threats, the Mexican Foreign Minister said that "nobody can illegally confiscate the funds of Mexicans."

Videgaray further added that the negotiations with the incoming US government will also seek to "protect the free flow of remittances."