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Not just India, these 5 countries also celebrate Independence Day on August 15

India TV News Desk New Delhi 15 Aug 2016, 19:27:39 PM IST
India TV News Desk

August 15, 1947, marked the birth of the world’s largest democracy. Every year, Indians living in their homeland or abroad celebrate this day with much fervour. 

Incidentally, we are not the only country which gained independence on this date. 

Here are the five countries, apart from India, that celebrate their Independence Day on August 15: 

Republic of Congo: The Central African country gained independence from French colonial rulers on August 15, 1960. The region came under French rule in 1880 and became known first as French Congo, then as Middle Congo in 1903.

Fulbert Youlou ruled as the country's first president until 1963.  

Today, Congo celebrates its 57th Independence Day. 

North Korea: Both North Korea and its sister state South Korea gained independence from Japan on August 15, 1945 after the Korean Peninsula was liberated by the Allies at the end of Second World War. 

This day, Japan surrendered in World War II, in effect ending the war. 

The government was created three years later on August 15, 1948 and the country was officially named the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Pro-Soviet Kim Il-sung was made first Premier of the country. The country celebrates its Independence Day as Chogukhaebangŭi nal or Liberation of the Fatherland Day.

South Korea: After unification of the United States controlled region and the Soviet Union controlled region failed, a pro-US government was established on August 15, 1948 in the South Korea, officially named as the Republic of Korea.

Syngman Rhee was elected first President of South Korea and August 15 was declared a national holiday as Gwangbokjeol (literally translated as "the day the light returned").

Bahrain: This Middle Eastern island country gained independence from its British colonial rulers on 15 August 1971, after a United Nations survey of the Bahraini population. 

However, Bahrain does not celebrate its National Day on December 16 to coincide with the day that former ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa ascended to the throne.

Liechtenstein: One of the smallest countries of the world, Liechtenstein was freed from German rule in 1866 and celebrates August 15 as its National Day since 1940.

The day is closely connected to the birthday of Prince Franz-Josef II on 16 August.

Liechtenstein decided to celebrate the National Day on 15 August as a combination of the Feast of the Assumption (a celebration of Assumption of Mary into Heaven) and the Reigning Prince's birthday.