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Questioned on former NSA, US President Trump walks out without signing executive orders

India TV News Desk Washington 01 Apr 2017, 16:19:09 IST
India TV News Desk

US President Donald Trump walked out of a ceremony to sign two executive orders on international trade and later on, his deputy Mike Pence had to chase him for signing the orders. 

During the signing ceremony on Friday, White House pool reporters asked Trump questions about his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who has offered to testify on alleged Russian involvement in the US election in return for immunity from prosecution. 

70-year-old Trump, who has a love-hate relationship with the media, ignored the questions and moved to another room,only to be chased by Vice President Pence, who picked up the folders containing the two executive orders. 

Trump later signed the two orders aimed at identifying and targeting foreign trade abuses, but behind closed doors, CNN reported. One order commissions a 90-day study of US trade deficits with some of its largest trading partners to identify potential trade abuses and cheating. 

The second directive orders stricter and more effective enforcement of US anti-dumping laws to prevent foreign manufacturers from undercutting US companies by selling goods at an unfair price. 

(With inputs from PTI)