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See pics! NASA’s Hubble telescope captures two new dwarf galaxies

India TV News Desk New Delhi August 12, 2016 12:22 IST
India TV News Desk

US space agency NASA's Hubble Space telescope has taken some stunning images of a pair of dwarf galaxies. 

The two tiny galaxies are found between two closely packed larger galaxies. After being inactive for billions of years, they are now in the state to start a “firestorm”. 

NASA said the galaxies have “wandered from a vast cosmic wilderness into a nearby big city packed with galaxies”.

But the two that have been discovered – Pisces A and Pisces B – avoided that period because they were in largely empty space known as the Local Void. The Local Void is roughly 150 million light-years across.

To find dwarf galaxies is not easy as they are very small and faint but astronomers have used powerful radio telescopes so that they can track them down.

“These Hubble images may be snapshots of what present-day dwarf galaxies may have been like,” said Erik Tollerud, lead researcher of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

“Studying these and other similar galaxies can provide further clues to dwarf galaxy formation and evolution,” he added.