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Six Taliban militants killed in Lahore

PTI 07 Apr 2016, 17:51:29 PM IST

Lahore: Six Taliban militants allegedly planning a major terror strike on government offices have been killed in an encounter with security forces on the outskirts of this eastern Pakistani city.

Intelligence agencies yesterday received information about the presence of around 10 suspected terrorists belonging to the banned Tahreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) splinter group Ustad Aslam in Tallat Park near Katchi Abadi, Sherakot residential area here.

The suspected militants were planning to attack law enforcement agencies' offices and prominent personalities in the city, according to the statement issued by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Punjab Police.

It said a CTD police team reached there and challenged the suspects, who opened fire on it.

"The security personnel retaliated and when the firing stopped six suspects were found dead. Three to four suspects managed to escape," it said, adding police seized weapons and explosives, including 5 kg of explosives, four detonators, two Kalashnikov rifles, three motorcycles, four pistols, and dozens of bullets.

"Raids are being conducted to arrest the absconding terrorists," the statement said.

The CTD said the terrorists belonged to the TTP's Ustad Aslam group and it was involved in various terror activities in the Punjab province.