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Ted Cruz tells Donald Trump to not ‘whine’ as ‘whine’s best served with cheese’

AP 12 Apr 2016, 21:58:33 IST

Washington: Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz called out chief rival Donald Trump for “whining.”

The Texas senator seized on Trump’s complaints that the Republican nomination is “rigged.” Cruz went after the Republican front-runner while campaigning in San Diego on Monday evening.

”As we know in the state of California, whine is something best served with cheese,” Cruz said.

”Donald, it ain’t stealing when the voters vote against you. It is the voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming sanity,” Cruz said.

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Republican presidential front-runner Trump has been angrily denouncing what he calls a “rigged system” that is allowing his Republican rivals to siphon off some of the delegates he believes should be rightfully his.

Trump told an audience in Albany, New York, that he is “millions of votes ahead” of Cruz but is upset that the Texas senator swept all 34 of Colorado’s delegates without a traditional primary vote.

The Cruz team outmaneuvered the Trump campaign at a series of recent state meetings to select national convention delegates, narrowing the path for Trump to clinch the nomination before the party convention this summer.

Trump is also complaining about Louisiana, where he won the primary but got fewer delegates than Cruz, “who got his ass kicked.”