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‘Thank You, PM Modi, now raise this issue at UN’: Balochistan activists

India TV News Desk New Delhi 13 Aug 2016, 17:49:12 PM IST
India TV News Desk

The activists of Balochistan are overwhelmed by the support that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended to their cause.

These activists have thanked PM Modi for his support and requested him to raise this issue at the United Nations session in September this year.

"We the people of Balochistan, Pakistan and PoK thank you, PM Modi, for your support," World Baloch Women's Forum president Naela Qadri Baloch said.

"We the people of Balochistan are suffering. We hope that you (PM Modi) will raise this issue in the UN session in September," she added.

Balochistani activists including Naela Qadri have been urging India to intervene in Balochistan, the  way it did in the case of Bangladesh in 1971.

Baloch National Movement has also welcomed PM Modi’s statement and termed it a ‘crucial decision’ on part of the Indian Prime Minister.

"We welcome PM Modi's statement to support freedom movement of Balochistan. This is the first time ever that an Indian PM has expressed his wish to support the Baloch people. It is a very crucial decision,"  said Hammal Haider Baloch, a representative of the Baloch National Movement.

"The Baloch people share common interests with India. We are secular and believe in democratic principles. Pakistan butchers Sindhi political activists and supports religious groups which are threat to the world," he added.

PM Modi had raised the issue of atrocities on people of Balochistan by Pakistani security forces after attending an all-party meeting that was convened to discuss the ongoing unrest in Kashmir.

 “The time has come for Pakistan to answer the world, on atrocities against people in Balochistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir,” PM Modi said.