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This Indian storekeeper in Dubai just won a million dollars

PTI Dubai 03 Feb 2017, 0:02:29 IST

In a stroke of luck, an Indian storekeeper has become a millionaire overnight in Dubai. Ajesh Padmanabhan joined the list of Dubai Duty Free 'Millennium Millionaire' promotion after he won USD 1 million at a lucky draw at the Dubai International Airport.

Mr Padmanabhan, from Sharjah in the UAE, works with Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) and is a regular participant in the millionaire promotion, purchased his winning ticket online, the Khaleej Times reported.

"Thank you Dubai Duty Free for my win!", he said.

Following the draw, two winners were announced in the Finest Surprise Promotion.

Dany Zahra, a Dubai-based Lebanese national, who purchased the ticket under his daughter's name, Daniella Zahra, won an Aston Martin Vantage Sportshift (Stratus White).

Prajwal Raj Paudel, a Nepalese from Dubai, has become a second time winner of a Ducati Monster Bike 821 (Red) after having won his first bike on December 20, 2016.