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Vital for Pakistan to take ‘decisive action’ against terrorist sanctuaries: US

Reported by: PTI Washington 31 Aug 2017, 8:16:20 AM IST

The Trump administration on Wednesday said that it was necessary for Islamabad to take “decisive action” against militant groups based in Pakistan. The statement from US State Department came after the National Assembly unanimously condemned US President Donald Trump’s “hostile and threatening” statements against the country.  

“We value our cooperation with Pakistan and want to see it continue,” a State Department spokesperson told PTI. 


But, the spokesperson added, Trump has been clear that “we are looking to the Pakistani government to take decisive action against militant groups based in Pakistan that are a threat to the region.” 

“It is vital to US interests that Pakistan prevent terrorist sanctuaries,” the spokesperson said.  The comments came as the National Assembly passed a resolution opposing Trump’s move to give more space to India in Afghanistan in his new strategy for the war-torn country.  The National Assembly also condemned Trump’s “hostile and threatening” statements against Pakistan.  Since Trump called out Pakistan when he outlined the new strategy for South Asian on August 21, Pakistan-US ties have headed south. 

Pakistan, which has accused the US of making unjustified allegations against it, has cancelled at least three senior level meetings with Trump administration officials.  The State Department, however, said Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with their efforts in the region.  “As Secretary (of State Rex) Tillerson said, ‘We are ready to work with [the Pakistanis] to help them protect themselves against these terrorist organisations’,” the spokesperson said.