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Watch video: Boss passes pen mouth-to-mouth to female employees, invites criticism on internet

India TV News Desk New Delhi 09 Aug 2016, 14:55:51 PM IST
India TV News Desk

In a bizarre video footage, that recently went viral, female employees at a Chinese company can be seen passing a pen to their male boss using their mouths. 

The video, which was reportedly filmed during a team building exercise, went viral on Chinese social media sites last week and sparked outrage among internet users. 

The video clip first appeared on the Chinese video-sharing website Miaopai. 

The man in the video appears to be the boss who was passing a pen mouth-to-mouth to various female employees. 

Both parties have to hold the pen by wedging it between their mouth and noses and pass it without using their hands. 

The male boss passes the pen to each female employee from his mouth and then takes it back the same way. 

At one point, a woman can be heard giggling after one of the female employees manages to drop the pen. 

The video has received mixed comments with many people saying that the game is ‘too dirty’ and that ‘A normal company would not play this game.’