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10 Dead After Strong Typhoon Hits Philippines

PTI 28 Aug 2011, 22:38:23 IST

Manila, August 28:   Typhoon Nanmadol began blowing toward Taiwan today after leaving at least 10 people dead and scuttling a visit by a US Navy carrier group in the Philippines, officials said.

Taiwan issued sea and land warnings and planned to evacuate about 6,000 people in its eastern and southern regions as it braced for the typhoon.

Troops and rescue equipment were deployed, Taiwan's Defence Ministry said.

With its enormous cloud band, the typhoon drenched the northern Philippines with rain for days before pummelling the area with fierce wind, setting off landslides and floods and toppling walls that left at least 10 people dead and six others missing.

About 20 were injured by landslides and toppled trees, said Benito Ramos, who heads the Office of Civil Defence.

Strong winds knocked down a concrete wall which hit a small eatery in the capital's suburban Quezon City today, killing a man and injuring two others, police said.

In the northern mountain resort city of Baguio, a garbage dump's concrete wall collapsed and buried three shanties under tons of garbage yesterday, killing two children. Their grandmother remained missing, Ramos said.

Seven others perished in landslides or drowned, including a fisherman whose body was found floating yesterday off eastern Catanduanes province.

A decision by many villagers to flee to safety before the typhoon struck and vigilance helped reduce the number of casualties, Ramos said.

In northern Benguet province, bus driver Reynaldo Carlos ordered his passengers to flee yesterday after seeing mud, debris and boulders surging down a mountainside toward the vehicle, which was stuck on a muddy road.

The bus, its engine still running, was swept down a 60-metre ravine after everyone escaped, officials said.

”I was trembling with fear after I realised how close we were to death,” Carlos told The Associated Press by telephone.

About 20 landslides blocked roads in Benguet, a gold-mining region about 210 kilometres north of Manila.

More than 57,000 villagers fled their homes there and in 10 other northern provinces at the height of the typhoon, officials said.

US officials postponed a Manila visit by the US Navy's John C Stennis Carrier Strike Group originally scheduled for this weekend because of the bad weather. AP