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10 most powerful guns in the world

India TV News Desk 18 Jun 2015, 13:48:41 IST
India TV News Desk

Chinese invented gunpowder in 9th century AD. They used to fill it in the bamboo tube to shoot animals and enemies. Over the period of time science has taken this lethal discovery to altogether a height. Now guns can destroy and cause irreparable harm to humans within fraction of seconds. Gunpowder has long moved from the old bamboo tube days, it now works on the action of gas pressure.  

Let's have a look at 10 most powerful guns of the world:

10. Heckler and Koch HK MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun

The MG4 is a fully auto loaded firearm. Firing is fully automatic and burst-Fire mode. This weapon was designed in 1990's but was launched in 2001. Its range is about 1000m which makes this weapon lethal and tested. It is light in weight and designed in such a manner that it provides full confidence to the user. And because of these qualities, it is also known  as a perfect killer.

9. Heckler and Koch HK416

This weapon is designed by a German company 'Heckler and Koch'. Range of HK416 is 600m with a calibre of having 5.56mm. Its a superfine rifle that is used by the Germans. It is also available in market with short stroke piston.

8. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

As the name suggests it has high accuracy point as it can capture its target at a very high range. Its calibre is 12.7mm with 1800mm range. Its weight is 14.1Kg as due to its weight it's easily recognizable and can hold 5 rounds of 0.50 BMG in a single Load up.