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11 People killed in clash between gangs in Venezuela

IANS 12 Nov 2014, 8:27:32 AM IST

Caracas: At least 11 people were killed in a clash between armed gangs in the central Venezuelan town of Altagracia de Orituco, the Attorney General's Office said Tuesday in a statement.

"Before dawn (Monday), there was a confrontation between two groups at the San Juan de Dios ranch...which left 11 people dead from bullet wounds," the AG's office said.

The online edition of the Venezuelan daily El Universal reported that nine criminals went to the ranch "to extort money from its employees."

Just then another gang of 40 men showed up at the same property armed with handguns and rifles to sack the place. When they faced each other, the shootout began.

Till now the victims have not been identified, and the AG's office has launched an investigation into the incident.