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Amazon tribe's first contact with world caught on camera

India TV News Desk August 02, 2014 9:41 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Isolated native people wearing loincloths and carrying bows and arrows have emerged from the Amazon rain forest and made contact with the outside world in a video released by Brazil's indigenous authority.

The video shows indigenous people from the Panoan linguistic group making contact with the Ashaninka native people of northern Brazil along the banks of the Envira River, near the Peruvian border.

In one scene, an ethnic Ashaninka in athletic shorts gives bananas to two loincloth-clad natives who appear wary of approaching, quickly grabbing the fruit and then retreating out of arm's reach.

After the native people made initial contact with the Ashaninka on June 26, a team from Brazil's National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) travelled to the area and filmed a second encounter on June 30, according to news portal G1, which posted the video online.

Pictures of the loincloth-clad tribesmen have gone viral on social media.

The Amazonian tribe that lives on the Envira river on Brazil's border with Peru came in contact of locals after they were forced out of their homes by drug traffickers.

In the video, the tribesmen can been shouting in an unidentified language, which is considered to be their native tongue.