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American Dog Eats Diamonds At Jewellery Store

PTI 02 Sep 2011, 17:39:38 IST

Albany, Aug 31:   An American dog has become an international sensation for his diamond eating capers.

When ten-thousand US dollars worth of the jewel went missing from a Georgia jewellery store the owners suspected it must be an inside job.

Co-owner Chuck Roberts said he had left a chair near his desk while he went to help a customer, and when he returned there was an empty jewellery pouch lying on the floor.

The only possible culprit was their dog Honey Bun.

So they had X-rays taken - which clearly show the back of an ear-ring and two spots believed to be the diamonds.

Honey Bun's exploits have not only caught the attention of the US media - but the BBC and several London morning shows as well. AP