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Australia struggles to prevent residents from joining IS

IANS 14 Nov 2014, 7:31:29 AM IST

Canberra: The Australian Federal Police have admitted they are struggling to deal with the exodus of young Australians leaving the country to fight for the Islamic State (IS).

At least three more Australians have left the country to join the IS movement in recent days despite increased surveillance from immigration authorities, Xinhua reported.

Neil Gaughan, Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism chief, told a parliamentary committee late Thursday that Australians have managed to leave the country in the last few days to Middle East.

It came just days ahead of the G20 summit of world leaders in Brisbane and despite the deployment of specialised Counter-Terrorism units at all Australian international airports.

Gaughan said: “There are some people who travelled a few days ago that were not on anyone's radar.”

“We got wind of it after the fact, but the fact is there are still people travelling,” he added.