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Chinese President's 'Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama' video goes viral

PTI 24 Nov 2014, 21:34:16 PM IST

Beijing: A rare romantic video showing the blossoming love story of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his celebrity wife Peng Liyuan including photographs of their cherished moments from their visit to Gujarat has gone viral online.

Released by the official media, the video titled “Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama” caught the public by surprise as it was unprecedented in Chinese Communist Party's recent history to highlight the life a leader since the Mao Zedong-era.

The 3 minute and 21 second video contains 33 photos and 2 comic illustrations of the couple showing small details such as tacit eye contact between them.

As of last evening, the music video had more than 22 million hits on Tencent's video website, reported the People's Daily online, the official publication of the ruling Communist Party of China.

In the video, ‘Xi Dada' (meaning Uncle Xi) and ‘Peng Mama' (meaning Mother Peng) are seen traversing the world including Gujarat where Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted them in September.

Xi, 61, married Peng, 52, in 1987. Peng, a renowned singer and folk artiste, first gained
fame as a television celebrity. She had been conferred an honorary Major General rank by the People's Liberation Army.

In one of the scenes, the two are seen relaxing sitting on the Gujarati ‘jhoola', which caught the attention of Chinese public.

The song in the video was sung by two singers from central China's Henan Province.

One of the singers Yu Runze said the love story between Xi and his wife has long been admired by Chinese netizens, especially after a photo was released showing the president holding Peng's hands and entering the Chinese research vessel Xuelong during his visit to Australia.

“The chemistry between the couple has impressed many netizens and it inspired my partner and I to write this song,” Yu added.

The other singer Xu An said: “In our song, the stereotype image of a serious political leader has been changed into someone who can connect with ordinary people. This will make people have an emotional connection to the couple.”