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Chinese Thief Holds Girl At Knife Point On Road For 11 Hours

PTI 08 Dec 2010, 13:50:18 IST
This is the frightening video of a Chinese man who held a girl hostage for 11 hours 17 minutes on a road in Jinyang of Guizhou province, China.

On December 4 at 5 pm, three thieves were stealing a motorbike, when people chased them. Two of the thieves fled, but the third Han Bing was on the verge of being caught.

That is when Han Bing took out his knife and took a girl hostage.Jinyang police surrounded the thief but could not move ahead because of the hostage.

Police tried to reason with the thief to release the hostage, but the criminal was bent on causing felony.

The kidnapper takes his hostage walking for at least 5.3 kilometres with the police following hot on his heels.

The drama continued for 11 hours 17 minutes and the following morning at 04:17 am police overpoweered the kidnapper and the poor girl was rescued.