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Chinese pay rich tributes to Yoga guru Iyengar

PTI 20 Aug 2014, 22:30:27 PM IST
Beijing: Yoga enthusiasts in China paid rich tributes to world-renowned Yoga Guru B K S Iyengar who passed away in a Pune hospital early today.

Iyengar 95, whose books have been translated into Chinese, is one of the most widely read Indian authors in China.  He drew massive crowds when he visited China in 2011 and started his first Chinese centre at Guangzhou where the Indian Consulate recently held first Yoga summit in which his daughter Geetha Iyengar participated.  

“We pay tribute to the master with a heavy heart. You light shine in our hearts forever the way forward for our guidance,” a microblog post of the Indian Consulate Guangzhou said.

Iyengar has left a great impression on Chinese yoga enthusiasts and helped it to spread in China in a big way, Indian Consulate General in Guangzhou, K Nagraj Naidu told PTI.

A number of Yoga enthusiasts have left for Pune to pay tributes to him.

Yoga caught the imagination of Chinese in the last two decades as it emerged and was seen as physical and spiritual exercises combined.

Some of the prominent Yoga centres like Yogi Yoga headed by the Indian Yoga teacher from Rushikesh Mohan Singh Bhadari have become so famous that it has centres all over China.  Yoga classes are quintessential part of all Gyms in China today.

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, often referred to as the father of modern yoga, founded the “Iyengar Yoga” style and was considered as one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world.