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Churchill Cigar Sold For 4,500 Pounds

PTI 31 Jan 2010, 9:50:07 IST

Half  a cigar left unfinished by the late British leader Winston Churchill in 1941  was sold for  £4,500 at an auction on Saturday, reports The Sun, London. 

Top auctioneers Keys, of Aylsham, Norfolk, said the former British wartime PM  Churchill ditched the stub to attend a cabinet meeting.

It was picked up by a Downing Street valet who sent it to a friend with a note jotted on Number 10 writing paper, said staff.

The friend kept the souvenir until his death then the cigar passed to a relative.

Keys said the stub - nearly four inches long - was bought by a private collector at a sale in Aylsham.

A spokeswoman said the cigar had been expected to fetch around £350.

In November, a butter dish used as an ashtray by Mr Churchill at the London dining debating club fetched £4,200.