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Shameless couple caught making love in car parking!

India TV News Desk 19 Nov 2014, 11:24:10 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Sex on the beach, which is already a hit among cocktails lovers, saw the competition coming when ‘Sex in the Car Park' became a sensation.

What's that? Never tasted...huh? (You might be thinking after reading)!

But let us tell you about 'Sex in the car park' which is a not a drink, its indeed a shameless act caught on cam of a nasty couple who couldn't wait to reach home and started having sex in broad day light at a public place in Kent.

This frisky couple became the internet sensation after pictures of them having sex in parking lot of Bluewater Shopping Centre leaked on social media.

The two pictures on Snapchat, clicked by a passerby (@Darth Knine), show the couple in compromising situation, embracing each other while leaning against a black Citroën parked in the lot.

Later, pictures were uploaded on Twitter by @DarthKnine, with the caption – F*******g her in bluewater car park, and there now having s*x.

It became a viral sensation after being shared thousands of times by the people; many are making fun of them.

Well! This is what is called 'Badnam hue to kya, naam to hua', suits appropriate on the couple.