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Dogs are incredibly loyal, few interesting stories

India TV News Desk 18 Jan 2016, 14:43:26 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: For centuries, dogs have been described as the best friend of humans, thanks to their faithfulness.

In fact, they are better companions than humans and this is a fact any dog owner will vouch for.

Their loyalty is unquestionable and there have been many famous stories of dogs acting selflessly and loyally to their owners.

India TV brings to you 6 incredible examples of the loyalty dogs have shown to human:

1. Hachiko

Hachiko was a golden brown male Akita dog born in Japan in1923. The dog is remembered for his faithfulness towards his master. He waited for the miraculous return of his departed owner Professor Hidesaburo Ueno at Shibuya Station nearly for 10 years.

A statue of Hachiko, outside the station, has become a popular tourist attraction and meeting place in Japan. Hachiko visited Shibuya Station every day and wait for the return of his master. This pattern went on for just over a year, until one day Ueno did not return. For the next nine years, Hachiko followed the same practice with a hope that his master will return.

The story of Hachiko was often told to children as an example of great loyalty.

2. Capitan

Capitan, a German Shepherd dog, ran away from home after the death of his master Miguel Guzman in 2006.

The faithful Capitan refused to leave the side of his dead master's grave for six years.

Guzman's family said that when they went to pay their respects, they found the heartbroken pet sitting by his owner's grave.

Guzman had adopted Capitan in 2005. The dog rarely leaves the site.

3. Wiley

It is hard to imagine a dog crying. A heartbreaking video of Wiley, a German Shepherd dog, had went viral on YouTube showing the dog laying over the gravestone of his owner's grandmother.

Wiley was seen crying in the video at the grave.

Besides attending the funeral, Wiley took part in the gathering for months at the church where his owner's grandmother funeral was held.

4. Chinese dog refuses to buzz from graveside

In a true display of loyalty, a Chinese dog refused to leave the graveside of his master even after going seven days without meal.

Concerned about the health of Lao Pan's pet, local people started bringing food and water to the graveside for the tommy.

One villager had adopted the dog but later, the pet escaped and rushed back to his master's grave.

5. Chennai: Dog waits for master's return at grave

Sending a strong message of undying loyalty, a dog in Chennai stayed almost for a fortnight near the grave of his master waiting for his return. The place where the brown mongrel can be seen sitting in the picture, is exactly the same site where his 18-year-old master, Bhaskar, was buried on August 2 in 2014 after he died in a road accident.

The brown mongrel got up only when Bhaskar's mother persuaded it.

6. Dog buries puppy in Iraq

A video of a dog in Iraq went viral. In the video, a dog was seen burying a dead puppy. The video garnered attention from all over the world giving a message that how we (humans) see the world.

In the video, a dog gently sniffs the puppy and then proceeds to tenderly bury it.