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Driver Killed, 2 Children Injured As Militants Target Peshawar School Bus

PTI 13 Dec 2010, 18:58:10 IST
Peshawar, Dec 13: A roadside bomb exploded near a school bus in northwest Pakistan's main city on Monday, killing the driver and wounding at least two children, police said.

The city of Peshawar lies near the militant stronghold in tribal regions of Pakistan and the Afghan border, and it has long been a favourite target of Taliban attacks.

Militants in the northwest have frequently attacked schools, especially those for girls, but usually when children are not at the scene.

Police did not rule out the possibility that the bomb may have missed its intended target.

The bus was hit near a private school in the Bhana Mari neighbourhood, a police official said.

A senior police official confirmed the death and wounded tolls.

The blast ripped through the vehicle, leaving a charred shell and a crater on the ground nearby.

The words, painted in English, "Islamia Model High School" were still visible on the side of the green bus.

Police arrested two suspicious persons from the site of the blast, local media reported. AP