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Egypt issues law on extradition of foreign defendants

PTI 13 Nov 2014, 10:17:35 AM IST

Cairo: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi today issued a decree on the extradition of foreign defendants and convicted people to their countries to be tried or serve their sentences.

The law specifies that the General Prosecution has to request the transfer of the defendants and the cabinet has to approve the request, state-run MENA news agency reported.

"The law was issued to uphold the interest of the state and to maintain the international image of Egypt, taking into account that the defendants' spending to some or all punishment period within their countries will facilitate the process of their social reintegration after serving their sentences," Presidency Spokesman Alaa Yousef said.

The move comes after an international uproar over the detention of Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt on charges of supporting the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood, and spreading false information.