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Ex-Mongolia PM seriously injured in car crash

IANS 24 Nov 2014, 6:18:17 AM IST

Ulan Bator: The former prime minister of Mongolia, Norov Altankhuyag was seriously wounded in a car crash on Sunday, media reported.

Altankhuyag's vehicle overturned near his private resort camp in the northeast of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, according to a Xinhua report.

The former prime minister was reported to have broken his clavicle, or collarbone and suffered spinal injury. Doctors advised him to seek treatment abroad immediately.

The country's media speculated that Altankhuyag might go to South Korea for treatment.

The 56 year-old Altankhuyag was removed from prime ministership following a no-confidence vote in the parliament Nov 5, amid concerns about a serious economic downturn in the landlocked country.

Norov was criticised for incompetence, cronyism and corruption by the opposition Mongolian People's Party and some from within his Mongolian Democratic Party.