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Fake Belgian UFO Was Made Of Polystyrene

PTI 01 Aug 2011, 12:12:02 IST

Brussels, Aug 1 : A photo of an unidentified flying object high in the Belgian sky has been puzzling NASA scientists for over two decades.But the mystery has now been solved: the man who took the shot has spoken out, and admitted the contraption was a fake he made from polystyrene.

The picture shows a triangular-shaped flying saucer with four lights, allegedly photographed in April 1990 by a young worker. The photo was released after several sightings of UFOs over Belgium in 1989 and 1990.

Then aged 18, the man identified only as Patrick said he'd decided it was time to come clean.Speaking on the RTL-TVI network, Patrick said he and a few friends made the "UFO" in a matter of hours and photographed it that night."(We) made it, painted it, hung it up and then photographed it," he said.

The photo was the sharpest available to experts in a two-year period in which thousands of people across Belgium reported UFO sightings.

Several days after its release, a Belgian airforce plane was ordered to hunt down the UFOs across the country, but to no avail. Some believed the UFOs were new stealth fighters being tested by NATO."It's too easy to fool people, even with a cheap model," said Patrick.AFP