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Fireworks Blast In East China Kills 8, Injures 6

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 13:25:20 IST
BEIJING (AP) -- A state news agency is reporting that illegally stored fireworks exploded in eastern China, killing eight people.

The official Xinhua News Agency says the blast Saturday afternoon in Yangxin also injured six people. Yangxin is a county in Shandong province.

According to Xinhua, the fireworks were being illegally stored in a room along a busy street. The wife of the room's owner was killed on site. Thirteen other people were hospitalized, and seven of them died.

The report did not say how the fireworks were ignited.

Dozens of people in China die each year from unsafe handling of fireworks while celebrating weddings and traditional holidays.

A fireworks blast at a factory in northeastern China in August killed 20 people and injured 153.