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France seeks civilian rule in Burkina Faso

IANS 05 Nov 2014, 6:27:09 AM IST

Paris: France on Tuesday gave a call for the creation of a civilian transitional government in Burkina Faso to prepare for elections in the West African country where violent and massive street protests forced president Blaise Compaore to step down.

The foreign ministry's spokesman, Romain Nadal, during a daily briefing said Paris was following closely the situation in its former colony and called on all sides to continue dialogue "to implement as soon as possible an alternative which respects Burkina Constitution", Xinhua reported

Burkina Faso's military took power after Compaore announced his resignation Friday following two days of violent protests over his plan to amend the constitution to prolong his 27 years' rule.

The military appointed Lieutenant Colonel Zida as provisional head of state, prompting a new wave of demonstrations to demand for military departure and restoration of civilian rule in Burkina Faso.

Furthermore, the African Union Monday set a two-week deadline for the army to leave power or face sanctions.