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Francois Hollande pledges to deliver humanitarian aid to Iraq

IANS 10 Aug 2014, 8:06:11 AM IST
Paris: French President Francois Hollande said on Saturday his country will send first humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of Iraqi people mainly Christians besieged by the Islamist fighters.

Joining US and British efforts to support civilians, "France would make in the coming hours first deliveries of first aid equipment," the president announced, stressing Paris' "commitment to stand alongside the civilian victims of the ongoing Islamic state's atrocities."

In a communique issued by his office, Hollande expressed determination to urge the international community and mainly the European partners "to take urgent steps to meet immediate humanitarian needs."

Tens of thousands of refugees fled into the mountains, perhaps hoping to reach the Kurdish region in north Iraq, but were trapped because of militant activity between the mountain and the Kurdish area, and were running short of food and water.