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G20 Summit: Delegates hit Brisbane pubs, strip clubs

IANS 15 Nov 2014, 12:07:32 PM IST

Brisbane: German chancellor Angela Merkel visited Caxton Street on Friday night mixing with the locals ahead of the G20 summit on Saturday.

Thousands of delegates and helpers are fitting in nicely with the Australian drinking culture, cooling down with beers, The Brisbane Times reported.

Queen Street Mall and Eagle Street Pier were the most popular hangouts.

Vixen Gentleman's Club manager Ben Albrecht said that the G20 has brought in an influx of international patrons to the strip club.

"The Saudi guys staying in the hotel next door have been awesome; they nearly hold their drink as well as Australians," he said.

"We have been down overall, but bar takings have been good this week. Foreign army guys have been here almost every night."

The venue manager of British pub Pig 'N' Whistle on Eagle Street Pier said that the venue was anticipating Saturday to be a very big day.

"As an English pub I would love someone from the British delegation to come in, but we will see," he said.