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Call yourself an adventure freak? This epic 'Rope Swing' would give you sweat!

India TV News Desk 12 Nov 2014, 20:02:03 PM IST
India TV News Desk

There is surely no line of limit to define adventure boundaries. Some people are damn crazy about adventure sports while few are ready to race their heartbeat at the drop of a hat.

Thus guy Devin Supertramp, took base jumping or bungee jumping to an entirely next level.... beyond imagination!

He along with his adrenaline junkie friends jumped off a hot air balloon in the desert with nothing but a rope strapped on and a camera that recorded every second of their fun.

Doesn't it sound crazy? Just wait till you watch this video!

They planted a bunch of cameras at the edge of hot air balloon to capture all the crazy action they did in the air, and later posted the video on YouTube for the world to see it.

After watching this you will surely want to feel this unbelievable experience at least once, buts somehow you can't dare to try this... and we bet that!

Well then watch the video and enjoy the crazy ride while safely sitting on your couch...