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Tensions with India 'enormous concern': John Kerry tells Nawaz Sharif

India TV News Desk 17 Jun 2015, 12:34:16 IST
India TV News Desk

Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday called up Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and discussed regional situation including the recent increase in tension between India and Pakistan.

"I talked today with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan regarding a recent increase in the tensions publicly between India and Pakistan. It's of enormous concern to all of us for all the obvious reasons," Kerry told State Department reporters in a conference call from his home town of Boston where he is recovering from a leg injury.

"These are two very, very important countries playing a critical role with respect to regional interests, and it's very, very important that there be no misinterpretation or miscalculation with respect to any of the back-and-forth and the empowerment some entities might feel as a result of that," Kerry said.

Kerry said that Sharif was 'extremely forthcoming' and said he had just spoken with his Indian counterpart.

The call between the two leaders took place soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Sharif and greeted him on the eve of holy month of Ramadan.

Kerry also commended the state of relations between US and Pakistan had made remarkable progress in bilateral cooperation in all fields.

He appreciated Sharif's counter-terrorism policy and his resolve and determination to defeat terrorism. They also discussed the regional situation, and Secretary Kerry lauded Sharif's commitment towards establishing a peaceful neighbourhood in South Asia.

Sharif said Pakistan attaches high importance to enhancement of ties with the US and expressed satisfaction over the state of bilateral ties.

The Pakistan Prime Minister said there is a national consensus in Pakistan to counter terrorism.

He said Pakistan's economy has stabilised in the last two years and there are opportunities for foreign investors to benefit from the investor-friendly policies of the government.

Both the leaders expressed a desire to enhance bilateral ties between Pakistan and the US particularly in the field of economy and trade.